Writing, Regrets, and Insects: MAR Asks, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura Answers

This year the northeastern United States had one of the cruelest winters I can remember. There was so much snow that we were running out of places to put it. I chose not to teach during this “spring” semester, but my friends who did were running out of ideas on how to make up cancelled classes and were constantly adjusting their syllabi. There were so many cloudy days that even people who don’t suffer from SAD were starting to feel blue and dreaming of moving to a warmer climate. On a day when I’d had enough of the snow and the clouds, I received an email from Mid-American Review asking whether I would agree to be interviewed. I’m a fan of the journal and this put a huge smile on my face. Following is a link to the interview.

MAR Asks, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura Answers: http://casit.bgsu.edu/marblog/mar-asks-luisa-caycedo-kimura-answers/

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